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What is CityPlan?

CityPlan is a free application for mobile devices (iPhone, iPhone and Android OS devices) that provides information on facilities, offers, attractions and events in your town or city to visit. It is ideal for planning trips to find promotions and interesting information in your area

CityPlan geolocates him immediately and lets you search and find facilities around categories and sectors, the distance from you are and the routes on the map, bids offered, the feedback of other users, the main attractions, events, etc.. In addition, you can share all this information by e-mail, facebook and twitter, among others. You can also receive automatic notifications to your preference.

Who we are?

CityPlan born in 2012 in order to offer their users a quality application to provide updated information and interesting in your area. CityPlan wants to be a useful tool for planning of daily living, shopping and leisure users, and offer the best hotel establishments around.

Adhere to CityPlan

CityPlan is a platform designed for all types of businesses, and that is a huge investment of money, resources or time. Lets reach thousands of users with personalized and updated information: description, contact information, videos, pictures, offers, events, links to the web or social networking, ... with a clear objective: to increase customer traffic to the business and increase sales opportunities.

CityPlan opens a new channel of direct communication, but less intrusive between companies and their customers, with deals and tailored promotions that translate into real benefits. Puts users in direct contact with the establishments. No middlemen. And most importantly, get the latest news directly to the user's device in the form of notification.

If you have a property and want to join CityPlan, can easily do so using the form on this page. Submit your details and we will contact you as soon as possible.

¿FAQ's - frequent

The application is not working correctly. What can I do?

Most problems can be easily solved by rebooting your mobile device. If after rebooting it still does not work correctly you can download and re-install CityPlan.

System requirements

CityPlan is designed to work with iPhone, iPad and Android.

The application does not find results. What is the problem?

CityPlan uses either your 3G or a Wi-Fi connection. If the application does not find results this is probably because it does not have a good Internet connection. Please find somewhere with better cover and try again.

The application does not display the location of places correctly. What can I do?

Ensure that your device’s GPS is working correctly and is well calibrated. You will find this option in the general configuration of your mobile device.

The establishment I am looking or does not appear in CityPlan.

CityPlan is a commercial application managed by Activitat Davsa, S.L.U. If you wish to include an establishment in CityPlan you can contact us at

How can I benefit from CityPlan offers?

Each offer belongs to an establishment. It is the establishment that decides what has to be done to benefit from the promotional offer. If you have any doubts you can contact them directly via the contact information included in their register.

I want to include an event in the diary. How can I do this?

To propose an event you can contact us at

Can I receive offer notifications from CityPlan?

In the application configuration you will find a section for managing the alerts and notifications you want to receive from CityPlan. You can configure this as you wish.

I want to change the language, distance units and other preferences. Can I do this?

Of course! You can always change CityPlan configuration via the configuration icon.

Where can I get more information?

You can visit our website or contact us at

Would you like to have
a franchise CityPlan?

If you are interested in implementing CityPlan franchise into a city, you can contact us without any commitment through this web form.

CityPlan offers the best conditions for deploying the application in its territory.

Your company in CityPlan

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